Online teaching services starting soon

Hi all,

A lot of students have been asking about our online teaching services, we will be starting soon from 15th April 2015.

How does it work?

Step 1: Drop us an email via contact us form
Step 2: We will contact you for a Skype interview to discuss ur needs, etc
Step 3: Once you are confirmed to be our student, we will send you a video of the lesson for every lesson (it`s the same as attending the lesson in the class). This link will expire after a certain period of time. You can take up to 2 lessons per week.
Step 4: Teacher will be online to answer your questions during a designated period of time.

We are giving a promotion price of $100 for the 1st 10 lessons (that`s like $10 per lesson). Original price: $200 for 10 lessons.

For N2 lessons: We are giving a promotion price of $50 for the 1st 5 lessons.
Original price: $150 for 5 lessons.

Upon completion of the course, if you pass the online test with a score of 80%, we will refund you $20 of the course fee.

Payment is via Paypal or bank transfer (Singapore only). A receipt will also be issued.



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