A “Part-time degree”: Learning Japanese

更新: 2021年2月15日



Thank you those of you who take time to read my blog. I appreciate your support. Tonight, I’ll like to share something about learning Japanese.

For a lot of you, when you started learning Japanese, was it a rush to want to learn? Was it due to a friend’s invitation? Regardless the reason, you began your journey with the language.

I feel that studying Japanese is like taking a part-time degree. At the start, it might seem easy. As time goes by and as you learn more, you start to feel that it gets difficult; some of you decide to give up learning, because you find that it’s just a “part-time degree”, something that you can give it up, or you no longer have the time to commit to doing this “degree”. Some of you need this “part-time degree” for your future/current job, so you would have to endure through this phase. Then, there comes the final year “honours” project, the “N1”.

Then it comes to a point that you reach Pre-Advanced and N2, that’s where you decide you get your “part-time degree” and decides to stop learning.

No matter what happens, wherever you stop, do take some time to thank your sensei for guiding through the various modules in the “part-time degree”.

Learning has never stop for me, as I still attend Japanese lessons with my 3 sensei-tachi from Japan, so that i can continuously give my best to my students. =)


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