Giving and Receiving 2 (くださいます/さしあげます)N4



To continue from i stopped yesterday.

Today we will go 1 step further to explain くださいます and さしあげます。

Let’s take a look at the following table.

In my table above, Level 2 refers to 目上の人(i.e superiors, seniors, teachers, etc).
Level 1 refers to people who are in the same social status (i.e friends, acquaintances, etc).

Let’s take a look at the following example from yesterday’s post.
わたしは ともだちに 花(はな)を あげました。(I gave flowers to my friend).


In the event if you wish to say “I gave flowers to your teacher”, it would be better to say
わたしは   せんせいに 花(はな)を さしあげました。

This would be in Level 2 politeness. Basically, you change 「あげます」 to 「さしあげます」to indicate the status of the receiver.


Similarly, let’s recap on くれます。


(My friend gave me a book)

If you wish to say your sensei or someone of a higher status gave you or your family member something,
it would be better to use くださいます。

An example would be below:

先生 わたし本(ほん)を くださいました。(My teacher gave me a book)

Some other example sentences:



わたしは 課長(かちょう)に りんごを さしあげました。(I gave apples to my section chief)

わたしは 社長(しゃちょう)に おみやげを さしあげました。 (I gave souvenirs to my company director)



せんせいは いもうとに 着物(きもの)を くださいました。 (Sensei gave my younger sister a set of kimono)

かちょうは わたしに おみやげを くださいました。 (My section chief gave me some souvenirs)


Red: Giver of action
Blue: Receiver of action
Green: Object

Tomorrow/this weekend i will work on Giving and Receiving Part 3 (いただきます) and
Giving and Receiving Part 4 (て+くれます・くださいます/ て+もらいます・いただきます/て+あげます・さしあげます)


Hope you all understand a little better about くださいます and さしあげます。

Have a great Friday ahead.





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