Tackling N1-N3 Comprehension questions Part 4: Giving yourself time to adapt



Part 4 of this article covers about giving yourself time to adapt.

Sometimes, i will take JLPT with my students for the sake of observing how others behave during the exam, especially when they are doing 読解。 I usually finish the paper in half the time required for N2 and N3 paper and the proctor will just stare at me…

I realize a mistake that a lot of people make. Once they hit a problem that they cannot understand the passage, they start to panic.

This is definitely not good.

Remember that taking the exam is not to stress yourself. When you attempt 読解 questions, yes, you need to do time allocation properly. At the same time, you need to read the passage in a calm manner, if not nothing will go into your head.

Most importantly, relax and treat the paper like a test that your sensei gives to you. If you can’t think of the answer, don’t waste your brain cells. Save the brain cells for your 聴解, which can help pull up your marks tremendously. Tell yourself, “even if i don’t make it, there’s still a next try. Do my best for the paper”

The more you stress yourself, the more you start to panic and do badly for your paper.

At any time you find that you cannot understand the passage well, skip it and come back to it later. The brain will tend to relax once you do another topic. Alternatively, if you are very very stress out, stop what you are doing and breath in and out for about 2 minutes and continue doing the paper.

2 thoughts on “Tackling N1-N3 Comprehension questions Part 4: Giving yourself time to adapt

  1. could you tell me how to pass n1 reading ?
    i am so honour and excited with this website !
    Thank you so so much for creating this site ^^

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