Tackling N1-N3 Comprehension questions Part 2: Time Allocation


こんばんは。 Yesterday, i covered about reading techniques.

Today i’ll talk about time allocation.

For N1: 110 mins (35-40 mins on Vocabulary and Grammar, the rest on Comprehension)

For N2: 105 mins (30-35 mins on Vocabulary and Grammar, the rest on Comprehension))

For N3: 70 mins for Grammar and Comprehension (20 mins on Grammar, the rest on Comprehension)

For N1 and N2, try to spend more time on Grammar rather than Vocabulary.
The following should be the order that you do your questions.


If you do it in this order and can get all answers correct in 情報検索, 短文,中文, i can guarantee you can at least get 29/60, which is enough for you to pass the section (19/60).

For each passage, max is 5 minutes per passage. If you find that you cannot do the question, circle what u think is the answer on the answer sheet first and come back to it later.

The idea here is not to leave any blanks, at the same time, don’t anyhow mark as well. Once you leave a blank in your answer sheet or anyhow mark, you are on your way to get a fail grade.

You will find that you will have quite a bit of spare time after doing this. Use the remaining spare time to do the questions that you are unsure of.

This technique has been proven to work since 2010 and this is not taught in language schools.

In the following parts to come, i will cover more about how to tackle each type of question. So stay tuned. (^_^)


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