Beginner Lunchtime Zoom lessons

Hi all, We have received some requests to start Lunchtime Zoom lessons.We will be starting our lunchtime Zoom lessons in March. Starting date: 1st March(Mon)/2nd March(Tues)Days: Choose from Mon and Thurs/Tues and FriTime: 12:00pm-12:30pm/12:35pm-1:05pmPromo fees: $100 (original fees: $120/ 30 mins x 10 sessions)Slots: 6Teacher: Jasper/Can The good thing about these lessons is that youContinue reading “Beginner Lunchtime Zoom lessons”

Thank you to all students/potential students/viewers of our website

Hi all, Today, a parent and a potential student came down to have a readiness interview. The parent said, “I chose to have my child (around 16/17 years old) to learn from you guys, because of the free materials that you put on your website.” She continued, “I read that you guys also incorporate JapaneseContinue reading “Thank you to all students/potential students/viewers of our website”

New testimonial

Received a new testimonial. A very welcoming place for beginners to learn Japanese language. I started with them since Foundation Studies and it helped to set the foundation needed before moving on to the main textbook. There are opportunities for individual and paired projects and these help to increase your understanding of the nuances andContinue reading “New testimonial”