Readiness Interview

Updated: 11th Aug 2022

Hi all,

Today I would like to share more about our readiness interview.

In our Japanese teacher training course, we are taught that it is strongly recommended to have an interview with the potential student to understand the following:

1) How long has the student learnt Japanese (for students with prior knowledge)

2) Readiness towards the language that the student wishes to learn: i.e. Japanese

3) Studying capabilities (e.g. financially, time that the student is able to commit, other factors that will affect the student studying capabilities)

4) Needs of the student (e.g. what does the student wish to learn), so that we can adjust our teaching plan to suit all students in the group lesson.

We want our students to make an informed decision before joining us.

A good teacher would do this for all students, regardless whether the student is a private student or a group class student.


1) Yuru Yuru Sensei

2) Nagoya University Graduate School of Languages and Culture

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