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Business is expanding. (^_^)

The business is expanding. (^_^)

I am in talks with another tutor, also a very good tutor to help open more classes, so that we can serve the people who really want but are financially tight to learn Japanese. (^_^)

At the same time, we want to really keep the fees affordable and reasonable for those who really want to learn. Please support us if you know of anyone that wishes to study Japanese.

日本語教師養成コース Assignment 1:添削をもらいました

日本語教師養成コースのAssignment 1の添削をもらいました。

コーチは「大変良くできていました」とおっしゃっていました。 生徒のために、これからも、がんばります。(^_^)

I got back my assignment 1’s corrections from my coach.
She said that it was very well done. For the sake of my students, I’ll continue to work hard. (^_^)

Consultation services

Need some advice on your Japanese? By popular demand, I offer online consultation for those who needs tips on how to pass the JLPT exam or how to be able to do better in your Japanese.

The 1st half hour is a free consultation and subsequent half hour will be charged at $15.

To sign up for this, you need a Skype account. You need to sign up minimum of half an hour for this service.

For subsequent sessions, the 1st half hour will no longer be free.

Let me assure you that after talking to me, you will know where you need to improve on.

If you find that you do not improve after talking to me, come back to me and i’ll give you free lessons to train you up.

Payment is via Paypal/Bank transfer.

Email me if you are interested to know more.


新語 (New words)




新語は英語でnew wordです。毎日、日本人は新語を作ります。

例えば、「RTD]は「Ready To Drink」で、「通勤高速バス 」,「ヤニクラ(たばこを吸って、貧血のようにクラッとすること)」とかの新語が作られています。


PDNTです。「Please Do Not Touch」じゃなくて、「Plain form」は「Dictionary form」、「Nai form」,「Ta form」ということです。 面白いでしょう? (^_^)




もう水曜日です。あと12日!TN (Till Nihon)

最後、この歌をご視聴ください。 私が好きな人(ある女性)に~

日本語教師養成講座始まるぞ! (Starting my Japanese teacher training course)


Next month, i’ll be starting my Japanese teacher training course.
If i do pass the exam, i think i’ll be the 1st Singaporean to pass the teaching course.

To take this exam, you need to 1st, complete a 420 hours teaching training course, then sit for the exam in Japan. Once one passes the exam, he/she will own a “license” to teach Japanese officially.

One would need to take up the following modules. Looks very hard heh? One would think that i am taking the exam for myself. No, that ain’t true. I hope i can use the knowledge gained to help my students know more about Japan and the language.

Outline of Linguistics/ Introduction to the Study of Japanese Linguistics
Syntax and Form of the Japanese Language
Discourse analysis in Communication Research
Applied Linguistics
Studies of Japanese Vocabulary and Meaning
History of Japanese Language
Expression and Thought in English and Japanese
English: Society and Culture
Language Studies Abroad
Introduction to the Study of Japanese Language Teaching
Teaching Practice of Japanese Language
Study of Japanese Language Teaching I, II
Reading in Japanese Language Teaching
Introduction to Communication Theory
Japanese Culture
Asia and Japan
Psychology of Perception and Body Language
Multicultural and Multilingual Society
Cross-Cultural Training






よい一週を~ (^_^)
Dear all,

Due to my exams, i would not be blogging from today till next Thursday.
I will update it from next Thursday onwards.

Have a good week ahead! (^_^)