Testimonial about Foundation Studies

I have studied Japanese in a language school before and I can say that there is a HUGE difference.

The best thing about Can-sensei’s class is really the interaction factor. I prefer the informal setting to a structured classroom lesson. In the school, the classes are huge and people generally do not interact readily with each other. The classroom setting does not help. Not everyone is so forthcoming, ready to introduce themselves and make new friends.

The next difference is the class size. If you have been to Japanese language schools in Singapore, the foundation classes are huge. In Can-sensei’s class, its only 6 students. That is a huge difference because the teacher can really focus. In the school, I have fewer opportunities to ask questions there because the class size is huge. I also dislike the prep class there because it can be so intense, formal and stressful.

Can sensei also sets up a group chat so that we can post questions online. I also enjoy studying with my classmates because we get to meet up weekly to revise together.

The foundation class is more interesting than any other school’s beginner Japanese class. Instead of focusing solely on the textbook, we get to watch movies and do a drama project. You get to understand how Japanese is used in daily life and how the Japanese think and behave.  It’s much more varied and fun!

I highly recommend anyone who has a keen interest in Japanese to learn from sensei. It’s less expensive and the curriculum is more in-depth. You will really benefit much more.

By: Ho Meiling
From Beginner 1 class
Studied Japanese in language school before

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