The love in learning Japanese language

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” A quote which i would love to dedicate to Can-sensei. Lessons with him were always engaging and never boring. What beats having a Japanese teacher who can explain in Singlish right?*laughs*. Can-sensei is selfless in his teaching and never shy to share his experiences to keep us motivated on the language. He is also accommodating for make up lessons which i think is a huge sacrifice on his part as it shows its students first over his personal life. Classes are also kept to a minimum to ensure all the students have a chance during “conversation practice”. Can you imagine if the class is 20 odd big and you are just waiting to say “kore wa pen desu. (This is a pen)” Thank you sensei and i hope to continue walking this language learning journey with you. どうもありがとうございます.

By: Michael Lin
Student from Beginner 1 class
Attended 20 sessions with Can
I would like to recommend Can sensei for those who really want to study Japanese. He is a sincere and dedicated sensei who always willing to offer his assistance to his students.

Before signing up for Can-sensei’s lessons, I was in a dilemma of choosing which would be a better choice- Language school or Can-sensei’s class? I believe those who want to study Japanese would also face the same situation as me.

For your reference, these are the factors of why I signed up for Can-sensei’s lesson, instead of those well-known language schools:

  1. Language school teach large group(max: >10 ppl) vs Can sensei teaches small group(max: 6-8ppl)

-Level of attention to students

  1. Language school has part time teachers vs full time Can sensei

-Level of responsibility, commitment and dedication

  1. Language school has native Japanese vs Singaporean Can-sensei

-Putting in my shoes when learning Japanese. As we don’t hear and speak as much as those who stay in Japan, studying Japanese is harder for us in Singapore.

  1. Language school has structured lessons vs Can sensei will incorporate fun things to the lessons

-If you always feel dreadful when attending lessons in Singapore schools-secondary, JC/Poly, will you still be able to stay focus and not feel sleepy when studying at the language school?

  1. Tuition fees
  • Please do your own mathematics calculation.

I must say that Can sensei did a terrific job in his teaching career. You may ask him on any Japanese related questions even after lesson time. That’s particularly valuable as not many tuition teachers out there can be as dedicated as him.

Can-sensei’s ability to connect with his students and constantly doing his best to ensure that we understand his lessons in a fun way has made me glad my choice in signing up for his lessons.

On a side note, don’t be astonish if you are asked for an interview with him. Can-sensei just want to make sure his students are serious in learning Japanese, and the interest is not short lived or a brief period of enthusiasm.

I sincerely encourage those who want to study Japanese to sign up for Can-sensei’s lessons. I promise you won’t regret it.

All the best in learning Japanese!

By: Ivy Hueng
Student from Foundation Studies class


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