New testimonial from student

Hi all,

Received a new testimonial from my student.

Hi everyone, my name is Yuan Bin and I have been under Can-sensei for a year. I have been learning Japanese since June 2018. I have studied at both Ikoma and Bunka language school previously, before chancing upon Can-sensei’s lessons through Facebook and word of mouth from other serious learners.

I remembered clearly it was October 2020, I was looking for opportunities to further improve on my Japanese as I felt that I am stagnating in my Japanese studies. I realised that I didn’t have a full understanding of the Japanese grammar basics and I was struggling to keep up with the pace of the pre-advance class. Moreover, I was also finding 会話 opportunities to hone my Japanese language speaking skills. I decided that I needed to take action to improve on my Japanese language skills and so I contacted Can-sensei.

I decided to meet Can-sensei at his physical pre-advance class in October 2020 for a trial lesson. And trust me, that meeting with Can-sensei was a life changing experience. I was amazed by the Japanese language ability of his students. I was amazed to see his students presenting Japanese cultural topics using entirely in Japanese. Finally, what made his lessons special was the usage of Japanese dramas to teach Japanese and Japanese culture. Honestly, I have never seen a sensei who is just so passionate in teaching and going the extra mile for his students.

Without hesitation, I signed up to be privately tutored under him. My one year under Can-sensei was nothing but an amazing journey. Over the past year under him
I have:

  1. Improved my grammar knowledge of N5 and N4 which has helped me a lot when attempting N3.
  2. Significant improvement on my confidence for 会話.
  3. Deeper appreciation for the Japanese culture and values.

Can-sensei is no ordinary sensei. He is a sensei who cares about your progress and will hold you accountable for your Japanese learning journey. He also strives to see every of his students succeed in mastering the Japanese language and also appreciate the Japanese culture. Last but not least, he is one of the best sensei when it comes to grammar explanation as he uses English examples to help relate.

To everyone who is looking for a dedicated sensei who cares on your learning progress, I will without a doubt recommend Can-sensei.

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