Japanese Grammatical Terms

Dear all,

I have made a list of Japanese grammatical terms. Please feel free to use it.
The list will add up more and more.

If i have time, i will go through how to all this link up together and why it is important to know all these terms.


Hiragana Roomaji Meaning
名詞(めいし) mei-shi Noun (e.g things, objects)
動詞(どうし) dou-shi Verb (i.e action words like eat, drink, etc)
e.g たべます、のみます
形容詞(けいようし) kei-you-shi Adjective (i.e descriptive words like pretty, happy, etc) (e.g いそがしい、たかい)
接続詞 (せつぞくし) se-tsu-zo-ku-shi Conjunction (e.g そして、それから)


助詞(じょし) jyo-shi Particle (e.g は (wa) , が (ga, etc)


副詞 (ふくし) fu-ku-shi Adverb (e.g だんだん、ときどき)
疑問詞 (ぎもんし) gi-mon-shi Question word

(E.g who, what, etc)

感動詞 (かんどうし) kan-dou-shi Interjection
(e.g 「ああ」「はい」「いいえ」)
助動詞 (じょどうし) jou-dou-shi auxiliary verb
(e.g ~されます、~そうです、~ようだ)

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