New testimonial from student

Received a new testimonial from my student from Foundation Studies class.
Can-sensei is a sincere, understanding teacher who helped me kick-start my learning journey in the Japanese language. Personally, I had a shaky foundation in Japanese from years of watching anime, and Sensei went the extra mile to place me in a class that can suitably challenge my abilities. He strikes just the right balance between being a kind, friendly teacher and enforcing discipline in his students to complete and learn from their homework. The lighthearted nature of the class makes the time spent learning Japanese truly enjoyable to me, and because of this, I can juggle these extra Japanese classes with my current university workload. I like how Sensei encourages study groups among his students, that gives us a proper environment to consolidate our learning and make lasting friendships.

Not to forget, Sensei also incorporates interesting hidden aspects of Japanese culture into the foundation class, that allowed us to learn things we wouldn’t have otherwise learned if enrolled in a typical Japanese language school! I highly recommend Can-sensei for his passion in teaching and guidance, that helps students not give up in the face of difficulties and stay dedicated to their learning. May his passion reach through to you too.

By: Charmaine Ong
Student from Foundation Studies class
Doing both Foundation Studies and Beginner 1 Term 2.

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