Hi all, I am back for another post on the differences between 「結構/けっこう」and 「かなり」. We went through in class today. Let’s take a look at the meanings in Japanese. 結構/けっこう1) 予想した以上であるさま。極端ではないが、かなりの程度であるさま State of more than expected. Not extreme, but state of a considerable level (明鏡国語辞典) 2) ある程度予想していたがそれ以上だったこと。 基本的に良い意味で使いますExpected up to a level, but was moreContinue reading “N4言葉:「結構」と「かなり」の違い”

Difference between やっと、かなり、必ず、絶対に

みなさん、 おはようございます。It`s the last day of 2016. Before i start, let me wish all of you a happy and blessed 2017 ahead. Like to share the difference between やっと、かなり、必ず、絶対に today. やっと: 望んでいたこと、待っていたことが実現したときの安堵の気持ちを表す。 (Express feelings of relief when things that you wished for/waited for come into realization) かなり: 予想をはるかに上回る程度 (Express expectations are exceeded) 必ず: Difference betweenContinue reading “Difference between やっと、かなり、必ず、絶対に”

How do you memorize Japanese vocabulary

皆さん、おはようございます。いい天気ですね。 Slept like 3am yesterday and just woke up. Yesterday, i had one new student in my N3 class and her question to me was “Sensei, how can i memorize Japanese vocabulary?” I am sure this is a question that everybody ask. Even at times i ask myself. There are a few good ways whichContinue reading “How do you memorize Japanese vocabulary”