Beginner Japanese : Lesson 6

We started off today’s lesson by listening to the song Take Me Higher by V6 This song is actually the theme song for Ultraman, and sounded familiar to me once Sensei started playing to opening part of the song. 🙂 In today’s lesson,  we continue to learn more action words like 食べます(eat)、すいます(to smoke/suck in something),聞きます(hear/listen)、書きます(read), andContinue reading “Beginner Japanese : Lesson 6”

New Business Japanese class starting in Oct 2014

皆さん、 こんばんは。 Hope you guys have read this post regarding the importance of Business Japanese. I will be starting a new class for Business Japanese Topics 1) How to write your Japanese resume 2) Interview skills 3) Japanese Business manners 4) Email writing skills 5) Call-handling 6) 5 different types of 敬語 and more. Course:Continue reading “New Business Japanese class starting in Oct 2014”