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Survey from students. 気持ちがあふれる!



For me, i always believe that feedback from students will help me to improve my lessons. I usually conduct a survey every 4-6 months to check if my students are able to grasp the lesson material presented, as well as the quality of my teaching.

A survey was done among 8 different classes (1 Pre-advanced class, Conversation class, 4 beginner classes , 1 intermediate class). 29 students participated in the survey.

Some questions and results that I’ll like to share. I am also proud of some of my students when native Japanese praised them for having a solid foundation in Japanese grammar, able to speak accurately and well.

Question 1: Sensei is stimulating and interesting to listen to.

9 students said Strongly Agree and 20 students said Agree.

Question 2: Materials were well presented

9 students said Strongly Agree and 20 students said Agree.

Question 3: Sensei seems to understand the subject matter

14 students said Strongly Agree and 15 students said Agree.

Question 4: Sensei encourages class participation

15 students said Strongly Agree and 13 students said Agree.

Question 5: The class was taught at a good pace

5 students said Strongly Agree, 18 students said Agree, 4 students said Disagree, 2 students said Strongly Disagree.

Question 6: Outstanding features of this teacher’s teaching/Grammar that you are currently facing problems with

-Going beyond the extra miles, eg. sharing his books on particular subject when students r interested in or having doubts, organizing activities outside of class to foster bonding & building friendships; karaoke, bbq etc

-What differentiates Sensei’s teaching is his ability to make the course interesting with his experience of the Japanese culture, and his engaging style of teaching. Despite having gone through most of the grammar before, I still learn a lot from his lessons (about the Japanese culture and the subtle differences between different grammar/word choices). His approachable demeanour makes it easy to voice out and clear any doubts as well.

-Pronunciation of the words n remembering those vocabs n grammars

-Gets to learn vocabulary and Kanji that are beyond N5 level.
My note: In my beginner class, you might get to learn vocabulary from advanced levels as well.

-Active correction of mistakes made

-Sensei cares more about each and every individual students’ performance in terms of written, spoken and understanding more than those teachers teaching in schools. Detailed notes were prepared not only about the usual Japanese that were tested but also consists of dialects and culture which makes the low fee for each lesson totally worth the money. By covering stuff that are outside the textbooks, I find students would be better prepared when facing real life situations. Besides the usual notes, creative teaching materials such as music and dramas makes learning a much enjoyable experience than facing textbooks everyday.


スウェーデンと日本の友達の帰国 (The return of my Sweden and Japan friends)





来てくれてありがとう, min vänner 。。。。。。

Good morning all,

Yesterday, my Sweden and Japan friends went back. It was sad but i think we’ll meet again.

From Singapore to Sweden, it’s about 12 hours. It will be a super long journey. I think while i am writing this, they are sleeping on the plane.

Also, till Japan, it’s about 7 hours. I think that is also quite tough.

Thanks for coming, my friends….


Hello, my friend 君(きみ)に恋(こい)した夏(なつ)があったね
Hej min vän, det var en sommar där du blev kär i mig


みじかくて 気(き)まぐれな夏(なつ)だった
Det var en kort, men bra sommar.


Destiny 君(きみ)はとっくに知(し)っていたよね
Ödet som du redan visste.


戻(もど)れない安(やす)らぎもあることを Ah…..
Det finns tider där det är en obetalbar lättnad.


悲(かな)しくて 悲(かな)しくて 帰(かえ)り道探(みちさが)した
Det var ledsamt, väldigt ledsamt, medans jag letade efter vägen tillbaka hem.


もう二度(にど)と会(あ)えなくても 友達(ともだち)と呼(よ)ばせて
Även om det inte är möjligt att träffas igen, var snäll och låt mig få kalla dig min vän.


僕(ぼく)が生(い)き急(いそ)ぐときには そっとたしなめておくれよ
Tillrättavisa mig när jag lever hänsynslöst.


淋(さび)しくて 淋(さび)しくて 君(きみ)のことを想(おも)うよ
Det var ensamt, väldigt ensamt. Vid den tidpunkten tänkte jag på dig.


離(はな)れても 胸(むね)の奥(おく)の 友達(ともだち)でいさせて
Trots att vi är ifrån varandra, låt mig stanna som en vän i ditt hjärta.


悲(かな)しくて 悲(かな)しくて 君(きみ)のこと想(おも)うよ
Det var ledsamt, väldigt ledsamt, Vid den tidpunkten tänkte jag på dig


もう二度(にど)と会(あ)えなくても 友達(ともだち)と呼(よ)ばせて
Även om det inte är möjligt att träffas igen, var snäll och låt mig kalla dig min vän.


Var snäll och låt mig få kalla dig min vän.

眠れない夜 (The night that i couldn’t sleep)


今、Mr Childrenの蘇生を聞いています。 皆さんはこの3日間、どう過しましたか。よかった?
Everyone, good morning.

Can’t get to sleep. Time flies so fast. It’s already Thursday.
In another 3 days, my friends will fly back to Sweden. I wonder if i can meet them again.
Now, i am listening to Mr Children’s “Rebirth”. How did you guys spent your 3 days. Was it good?
I wonder if my friends spend these 3 days well.
Another 3 more days, i’ll work hard to create a good memory for them!

怒り、友情、反省 (Anger, Friendship, Reflection)



D, 本当にごめんなさい。許してください。


Afternoon everyone.

Yesterday, was a bit drunk, cos i drank Singapore Sling (a kind of alcoholic drink) in Singapore.

Yesterday, i went to Sentosa. It’s my first time to see my friend’s anger. Super shocked.
This friend is really a good person and a person that is very patient. But, for the sake of helping him to overcome his fear, i overdid the things. In the end, i made him angry…
D, i am really sorry. Please forgive me.

Now, i am at home reflecting on my actions.

I am really grateful for having such a good friend. I’ll work hard to protect this friendship.

シンガポールに帰国、スウェーデン人の友達の到来 (Got back to SG, The arrival of my Swedish friends)




つい、金箔になりました。<笑> あと、ずっとお世話になってるスタイリストから新しい単語「だてめがね」を習いました。ありがとうな、M-さん。

けど、僕の生徒はちょっと運が悪かったです。耳が少し切られて、出血しました。僕の生徒の耳を切ったスタイリストはただ「すいません」だけと言いましたが、悪いことをしてなかったM-さんは5回ぐらい僕に詫びて、「申し訳ない」、『謝ることしかできません」と言って、彼の行動に感心を余儀なくされた (N1級の文法)。

皆さんはどうしてSuntec Cityがいつつのビルがあるかご存知ですか。明日答えを発表します。
Evening everyone,

Got back to Singapore on Friday night. A bit tired. Today, i went to welcome my Swedish friends. Just got back. They came from such a faraway place, that’s y i felt very happy.

From today, i will show them around Singapore. As much as possible, i will update my blog. Am thankful to all of you who are reading my blog.

OK, so previously, i talked till Kyoto. After that, on Thursday, i went to the salon that i like and got my hair dyed. Now my hair is gold.
And, i also learned a new word [date megane/glasses for show] from my hairstylist that always help me with my hair. Thanks, M-san.

But my student was kinda in bad luck. His ear got cut a bit and there was blood. The hairstylist that cut my student’s ear just said [suimasen], but my hairstylist apologized to me 5 times. saying stuff like [i am sorry for the mistake], [i can only apologize]. Was admired by his act.

Do you know why there are 5 buildings in Suntec City? Tomorrow i will announce the answer.
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