Beginner Japanese (Foundation Studies)

Hi all, We are waiting for more students to join us for our Beginner Japanese (Foundation Studies) course. It’s a very good introduction to help you to understand the basics of Japanese language and we pride ourselves for this course, as no other Japanese schools are offering this course. Following are the course details. StartingContinue reading “Beginner Japanese (Foundation Studies)”

Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies (pushed to 16th June/Wed)

Hi all, We have received some requests to have the lessons in the classroom. As such, we have pushed the class backwards to 16th June. This will allow the classroom to be freed up. Please see the updated details Date: 16th June 2021 (Wed)Time: 7:30-9:30pmFees: $220 for 1st 10 lessons, $330 for subsequent 10 lessonsContinue reading “Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies (pushed to 16th June/Wed)”

Beginner Japanese class (Wed night)

Hi all, We will be starting a Wed night class. This class is conducted online.If you wish to attend live lessons, please enquire during registration. Starting Date: 26th May (Wed)Time: 7:30-9:30pmFees: $220 for 10 lessons, subsequent lessons at $330 for 10 lessonsTextbook: $70Slots: 6Teacher: Teo-sensei/Can-sensei About Teo-senseiBefore joining TLS as a student, Teo has aroundContinue reading “Beginner Japanese class (Wed night)”

Last 2 slots for Sat AM Beginner Japanese class

Hi all, We only have last 2 slots left for the Sat AM Beginner class. If you are interested, please drop us a message to find out more. Starting Date: 17th April 2021 (Sat)Time: 10:00am-12:00pmFees: $220 for the 1st term of 10 lessons, subsequent terms $330 for 10 lessonsSlots: 6 (2 slots left)Teacher: Jasper-sensei/Can-sensei /Can

Beginner Japanese class (Sat morning)

Hi all, Our new class is starting. Saturday slots are rare to come by. Starting Date: 17th April 2021 (Sat)Time: 10:00am-12:00pmFees: $220 for the 1st term of 10 lessons, subsequent terms $330 for 10 lessonsSlots: 6 Teacher: Jasper-sensei/Can-sensei For enquiries, please email us via the contact us form located here. /Can

Beginner Japanese class (Sun morning) – change of teacher

Hi all, For the upcoming Sunday morning class, as per requested by some students, I will be taking the class. This slot is a good time slot for those who cannot afford to attend the weekday night classes. Starting Date: 14th Feb 2021Time: 10:00am-12:00pmFees: $200 for the 1st term, subsequent terms $330Slots: 6 (2 left)Continue reading “Beginner Japanese class (Sun morning) – change of teacher”

New Beginner Conversation class

Hi all, We will be starting a new conversation class (from zero)This is a new course that we are running. I will be the one running the course. Starting Date: 19th February 2021 (Friday)Time: 7:30-9:30pmSlots: 6Fees: $500 for 20 lessons (Full commitment for the whole course) What will you learn?1. Hiragana2. Greetings/Simple Expressions3. Self-Introduction4. Numbers5.Continue reading “New Beginner Conversation class”

Sunday Morning Beginner Class

Hi all, Thank you all for your support. Our January’s beginner class is full. Our next Beginner class is in 14th February (Sunday) from 10am to 12pm. Starting Date: 14th February (Sunday)Time: 10am-12pmFees: $200 for 1st 10 lessons/ $330 for subsequent 10 lessonsTextbook: $70 (to be used for 60 lessons: Minna no Nihongo 1 TextbookContinue reading “Sunday Morning Beginner Class”