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Study trip with Japanese lessons program

Hi all,
As mentioned previously, we will be launching this study trip in our upcoming Beginner/Intermediate/Pre-Advanced programs w.e.f June 2020. This does not apply to existing students, as they are eligible for best student award.
1) Complete minimum 5 terms of study (i.e 50 lessons) with us
2) Achieve a minimum score of 75% in 2 out of 3 term tests
(In the event if the student fails a test, there will be a re-test)
3) After the term, you will buy the ticket and get reimbursement from us (either ANA/JAL with max subsidy of $700)
4) Complete the trip and share a trip report with the class.
If this is something that you are looking for, please email us via the Contact form here

New 30 mins Online Group Classes

Hi all,

We are launching new 30 mins online group classes during lunch-time for trial at the comfort of your office. You would just need a microphone and a web camera. Lessons are conducted via Zoom and lessons are recorded.  Choose any slot that you like to attend as the lessons are all independent.

Per lesson: $50 for 5 lessons / $90 for 10 lessons

1, Tues(12:00pm-12:30pm) / Tues(12:30pm-1:00pm)/ Tues(1:00pm-1:30pm) / Tues(1:30pm-2:00pm)

2. Wed(12:00pm-12:30pm) / Wed(12:30pm-1:00pm)
Wed(1:00pm-1:30pm) / Wed(1:30pm-2:00pm)

3. Thurs(12:00pm-12:30pm) / Thurs(12:30pm-1:00pm)
Thurs(1:00pm-1:30pm) / Thurs(1:30pm-2:00pm)

4. Sun (12:15pm-12:45pm) / Sun(12:45pm-1:15pm)

For any enquiries, contact us via here


Beginner Japanese class (Looking for 2 more students to start the class)

Dear all,

Thank you for your support. I have changed the schedule for the upcoming classes.

The Tues class starting on 2nd July would now be taught by me. It will be from 730-9pm. We need another 2 more students to start the class.
If you are sincerely interested to attend lessons with me, please contact me asap via the Contact form for a special discount.

Thank you.


New Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies (Tues night)

Dear all,

I will be starting a new class on Tues night.

Estimated starting date: 6th November 18 (Tues) or earlier once we have 6 students
Time: 730-930pm
Fees: $80/5 lessons or $300/10 lessons
Slots: 6 (4 slots left)
Location: Waterloo Centre (See classroom and testimonials)

Currently i am running an early bird promotion now, if you sign up and make payment by 15th Oct, there will be a $30 discount.

Drop us an message using the Contact us form found here.


Japanese Grammar Structure (Updated)

Dear all,


If you recall my post yesterday that i talked about Japanese grammatical terms, today i am going to share how and why the grammatical terms matter.

To make things short, i am going to refer 名詞 (Nouns) as 名, 助詞 (Particles) as 助, 動詞 (Verbs) as 動, 副詞 (Adverbs) as 副, 形容詞 (Adjectives) as 形, etc

Let’s take a look at a few example sentences.

Figure 1: I am Tanaka

Figure 2: I drank water.

Do you find that it is easier for you to understand how the grammar structure work?
I see that a lot of Japanese schools here in Singapore do not use this structural method of teaching the students, except for Hougang Japanese Language School, my alma mater.

If you are good in Mathematics and remember the grammar structures, you would be able to do something like this.

Figure 3: The beautiful teacher bought expensive water.


Figure 4: The beautiful sensei met the handsome Tanaka-san right?

Once you are able to construct a diagram like the above, what you need to do is to use sentences to internalize what you have learned into these structures as shown above. In this way, you would be able to form sentences more easily. For example, you would know that to link 2 words (e.g a noun (名詞) and a verb (動詞) together, you would require a noun, a particle and a verb.

Knowing how grammatical terms are linked enables you to form sentences more easily. You would not ever need to remember… “Eh, how to say Mr Miller met Ms Sakura at Donki Hote”, just remember the grammar structures in boxes.

I would have a few parts on this article tomorrow or next Tues, so stay tuned!