Registering for JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) in Singapore

Updated: 19th Feb 2023
Hi all,

Note: Apart from N1, slots are taken up very fast (usually within 2 minutes)

To register for JLPT, login to your Paypal account beforehand via
Note the dates of registration:

Step 1: Go to this link:

Step 2: Fill up the appropriate information.

Step 3: Make payment via Paypal.

Step 4: Fill in the appropriate information (as fast and accurate as possible, especially the address) : (See page 26 of your test guide for the place of learning Japanese, etc.)

Step 5: Fill in the number of times you have passed or failed the various levels of the exam.

Step 6: Complete the form and submit as soon as possible, if not, it might not be counted.

Step 7: Download this form and email to JCS.

You will receive an email from JCS roughly about 5 minutes after the registration. Take note that this is not a confirmation that you have registered. JCS will send you another email 3 days later to confirm your registration.

By the way, we guarantee all our students pass their JLPT, or they get their 2nd take for free (which doesn’t happen, because all our students pass on their 1st take). Check our courses info below.

New classes: here | Existing classes: here

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