Hi all,

おはようございます。Another show that I have been watching is リコカツ(Riko-katsu) by Nagayama Eita and Kitagawa Keiko.

One of the things in the show that spiked my interest: 家訓(かくん/family motto)

  • 一、至誠に悖(もと)るなかりしか

1: しせいに もとるなかりしか

To question whether you have not gone against your conscience, sincerity and the way of living

  • 二、言行に恥づるなかりしか

2: げんこうにはじづるなかりしか

Whether you have not done shameful against your words and actions.

  • 三、気力に缺(か)くるなかりしか

3: きりょくにかくるなかりしか

Whether you had perseverance whenever you try to do something.

  • 四、努力に憾(うら)みなかりしか

4: どりょくに うらみなかりしか

Whether you put in effort to achieve the same goal.

  • 五、不精に亘(わた)るなかりしか

5: ふせいに わたるなかりしか

Whether you were lazy or had a lazy attitude when you do things.

I think we need to apply the same amount of effort in learning Japanese so that we can achieve results in learning.


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