Thank you to all students/potential students/viewers of our website

Hi all,

Today, a parent and a potential student came down to have a readiness interview. The parent said, “I chose to have my child (around 16/17 years old) to learn from you guys, because of the free materials that you put on your website.”

She continued, “I read that you guys also incorporate Japanese culture into the class. It made me feel that you guys are really concerned about the students’ wellbeing even though we haven’t officially enrol in the lessons. “

Before she left with her child, we gave her a tote bag, a tumbler, a file, a notebook and some materials for her 1st lesson. She ended the interview with us, saying “Well Done!”

We are not like the other schools out there. Students who joined us would know that we really care about the students’ wellbeing. Free food, souvenirs for students who really work hard. We are just simple people who wish to share our love for Japan.

I wish to end this post saying thank you to all students and all viewers of our website. I hope that our website is helpful in your Japanese studies.

誠にありがとうございます。m(_ _)m



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