New testimonial from student

Hi all,

Received a new testimonial from a student.
I have been learning Japanese from Can-sensei for about 3 months, starting from little to no prior experience in the language. My lack of experience wasn’t a huge disadvantage however, because Can-sensei’s classes easily accommodated the needs of learners starting from a clean slate. Most other schools cram upwards of 20-30 students into a single class as if they were part-time childcare centres; Can-sensei’s classes are a simple 8-pax session in a small classroom which gives you, as a learner, much more well-deserved attention to your learning progress.

The foundation Japanese course was not as intimidating as learning a new language might sound. Right from the first lesson, what stood out to me about Can-sensei was his obvious passion for imparting knowledge. Instead of the dull droning you’d expect from your primary school Mandarin teacher, he is amazingly animated and enthusiastic for a guy teaching tens of classes every single day. It almost gives you and your constant “kill me please” desk job face an existential crisis. Lessons with Can-sensei feel more like a weekly educational gathering at your best friend’s house than another chore you drag your feet to every week.

As for the foundation lessons’ content itself, Can-sensei put together his own, unorthodox 10-lesson syllabus which impressed me in many ways. Rather than throw out a million “useful phrases in Japanese” for you to memorize over and over until you lose your sanity, he cements your foundation in the language with knowledge on HOW these phrases are formed. By emphasizing all four of writing, reading, pronunciation and conversation equally, Can-sensei ensures that you get the basics perfect and don’t go on to make basic mistakes as you progress in learning.

Can-sensei also puts a huge emphasis on self-study. Instead of wasting time and forcing you to memorize hiragana characters by writing them a billion times during your precious paid lesson hours, he encourages you to take it to task by doing it yourself at home then evaluating your progress at the start of every new lesson. As it should be – the burden of practice should fall on the student, not the teacher. Can-sensei is able to manage lesson time wisely by teaching actual important information.

The unique formula pays off and is apparent after 10 weeks of foundation lessons. Even I couldn’t believe that I could speak basic sentences without much hesitation after such a short time! But don’t take my word for it, please do sign up and experience it yourself. Not only is it value for money, I dare say it is a most therapeutic and happy environment to learn Japanese in.

By: Mr Mok
Currently in Sunday Beginner class

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