New Beginner classes

Hi all,

We are going to have 2 new Beginner classes.

Beginner Japanese: Foundation Studies
Mon 830pm-10pm
Starting date: 1st July
Slots: 4
Price: $200 for 10 lessons (subsidized rate due to time)
Trainer: Can

Tues 730-930pm
Starting date: 2nd July
Slots: 6
Price: $310 for 10 lessons
Trainer: HB

What you will learn:
-Introduce you to the Hiragana writing system and Katakana
-Introduction to Japanese greetings
-Learn how to express time
-Learn how to express basic actions that you do (e.g eat, drink, sleep, etc)
-Understand Tokyo & Osaka Subway Map and learn how to navigate around Tokyo/Osaka
-Configure Japanese input on your PC
-Understand more about the Japanese way of living through real life experiences
-Cultural sharing of Japanese culture
-Watch Japanese drama and listen to Japanese songs

For any enquiries, please email to or send us a private message via the Contact Us form

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