Beginner Questions (2nd set)



Here are the 2nd set of questions.

1. Please turn off the lights (L14)
2. Shall i call the taxi (L14)
3. Kimura-san is eating lunch now (L14)
4. It is not raining now (L14)
5. Is it ok to park my car over there? (L15)
6. Do you know Sato-san? No, i don’t (L15)
7. You cannot smoke here (L15)
8. Please write your name here (L15)
9. After i got off the train, i went to the restaurant to meet Kimura-san (L15/L13)
10. You can withdraw money at the ATM from 8am to 8pm (L16/L18/L4)
11. Who is that tall and beautiful lady? (L16/L10)
12. Because i lost the library book,
I must return the money for the book to the library by 31st December (L17/L7/L9)
13. You need not bring the medicine here on your next visit
to the hospital (L17)
14. Please forget what i mentioned earlier (L17/L22)
15. I can wash the clothes which are not clean by myself (L18)
16. I would like to reserve a room (L18/L13)
17. Before you drive, please check the car tyres,
especially the front tyres (L18)
18. Have you climbed Mt Fuji before? No, not even once. (L19)
19. After lunch, i became sleepy (L19)
20. Thanks to you, i have recovered (L19)
21. Do you need a visa to enter to Japan? (casual/L20)
22. I think this yellow colored book is useful. (L21)
23. I think prices in Japan are high (L21)
24. You are coming to the party, right? (L21)
25. It’s been a long time (L21)
26. The tall guy who is wearing the expensive green T-shirt is Kimura-san (L22/L16)
27. The short boy that is wearing the bright blue hat is Tanaka-san’s son (むすこさん/L22/L16)
28. A child has been borned to Takahashi-san (L22/L7)
29. When i am free, i will go to Kinokuniya to read old books (L23/L13/L8)
30. Go straight for 500m,turn to the left on the 2nd corner of the road
and cross the bridge, you will see the post office on your right (L23,L14)
31. Kimura-san has bought a pair of new glasses for me (L24)
32. I am going to bring Tanaka-san to Isetan to buy Burberry products (L24)
33. Shall i introduce you to Kimura-san? (L24/L14)
34. When you reach Shinjuku station, please give me a call (L25)
35. Even if its cheap, i hate package holidays (L25)
36. If i had a hundred million yen, I’d like to travel around the world (L25)
37. If you are free, please lend me a hand.

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