Test your Japanese: For Beginners (6 months and above)

Hi all,
This is a good practice of whether you know your basics. Chapters are tagged to Minna no Nihongo marked in brackets. Feel free to email me to get your answers checked. I will pm u the answers for those who have answered.
I work from 9 to 6pm every week (L4)
My lunch time is from 12-1pm (L4)
I am going to Japan with my friend via airplane on 12th December. (L5)
I ate dinner at Takashimaya at 6pm with my teacher. (L4/L6)
Won’t we watch a movie together? (L6)
Yesterday, I used fork and spoon to eat dinner. (L4/L7)
I learn Japanese from Can-sensei (L7)
I gave chocolates to Kim-san on Christmas (L4/L7)
I bought red flowers at Isetan at 7pm (L4/L6/L8)
I like delicious food (L8/L9)
Sensei is good in Japanese (L9)
Do you have a pair of scissors (L9)
I don’t understand difficult Japanese (L8/L9)
Because I didn’t have time, I didn’t eat breakfast this morning (L9/L4)
Where is Kinokuniya? (L10) It is between Citibank and SMBC. (L10)
What is there in Kinokuniya? (L10) There are lots of books (L11)
Please give me 2 sets of 50 yen stamps (L11)
There are 3 American students in this class. (L11)
I watch movie twice a month (L11)
I studied Japanese for 6 months in Singapore.
It takes 7 hours to reach Japan by plane. (L11)
Yesterday, it rained. (L12)
Tokyo is bigger than Osaka (L12)
Compared to Osaka, Tokyo is bigger (L12)
Between soccer and baseball, which is more difficult? (L12/L8) Soccer is more difficult.
Out of all the food, which is the most delicious (L12)
I don’t want a car. (L13)
I want to buy a black color camera. (L8/L13)
I want to go home to eat dinner (L13)

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