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Received another 2 touching testimonials from my students.
Here it goes.
I have been learning Japanese from Can sensei from about 3 months but prior to that I have been self-studying for some time and had completed the Genki one textbook. However, with Can sensei I feel that I am able to learn and practice more than when I was self-studying.

Can sensei has a strong passion to teach. This shows in his ability to guide his students. However, Can sensei does not spoon feed. In the larger scheme of things, he hopes to cultivate an independent life-long-learning mentality in his students. Instead, he provides plenty of useful resources for his students to use outside of class. Many of which are prepared by sensei himself.

I feel that the fact that Can sensei is not a native speaker is a huge benefit. Sensei is fluent in Japanese, of course, but he worked hard to attain his level of proficiency. He knows what it’s like to be a student learning Japanese and therefore knows what concepts would need more focus and is able to explain them in ways we can understand and relate to.

I highly recommend Can sensei to anyone who wants to learn Japanese. He has a great personality and a love for the Japanese language and culture. He will push his students and really focus on drilling and perfecting their Japanese.

By: Ezekiel Lee
I started studying with Can-sensei in August 2018 together with my friend.
Before I started any lessons, I was self-studying with Genki textbook but I did not manage to grasp the concepts well, especially the various grammar structures.
When I met Can-sensei, he assessed my proficiency through a trial lesson and shared with me the progression path of the language and the commitment level required.

Throughout the 3 months, I was able to understand all the grammar structures easily through Can-sensei’s unique style of explaining. He makes it easy to understand grammar structures and can explain it in a way that native teachers wouldn’t be able to.
Other than lessons, Can-sensei also brought us to Japanese restaurants to share about the culture and introduces dramas during lessons to make the lesson more interesting.

If you are looking somewhere to start learning Japanese, don’t hesitate to go to Can-sensei. He is a knowledgeable and friendly teacher who you will not regret learning from.

By: Seah YL

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