Best student award 2018

Best student award for 2018: Cliff S /Ben S
Cliff comes to me as a すごく賢い人です。Very hardworking, diligent, always striving to learn more Japanese. It is no wonder that he finished the whole N5 syllabus in less than 4 months and scoring a A ★ for his mock test that i gave to him. Even though he’s doing a phd, he is always trying to squeeze time into Japanese to the best of his ability, without neglecting his own university studies. really not easy to manage both tasks together.

The most memorable part i have of Ben was how much effort i took to recruit him into the class. At that time, he was about to leave his previous job and he was jobless for quite some time. I helped him to beautify his resume and he found a job later on as a programmer. He has worked very hard with his Japanese studies till date. It’s no surprise that he got an A★ for his N5.

Both winners win a return ticket to Japan.

It is my wish and hope that with this ticket, both of them would be able to experience a great culture in Japan when both of them meet up.


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