Passed N1 (by my 2 months N2 student)

Dear all,

Do you remember the student who took 2 months and passed N2? He managed to pass N1 and wrote a testimonial for me. Read on to see what he said.

I am happy to write another testimonial for Can-sensei, who continued to be my mentor when I was preparing for my JLPT N1 examinations that followed after N2. I am thankful for his guidance in my studies and am happy to share some aspects of his mentorship when I was studying for N1.

After passing JLPT N2 in December 2017 under his guidance, I continued to further my studies in Japanese and aimed to achieve N1 the following July 2018. The time frame I had was slightly longer than when I was studying N2, but nevertheless it was still a short 7 months only. Can-sensei did not want me to stop at N2 and believed that I had the potential to strive for N1, therefore I appealed to study under him once again.

JLPT N1 content was much harder than N2. There were many more difficult words and grammar that made it very challenging to comprehend. However, Can-sensei would go through the contents easily and thoroughly every week which made it a lot easier to understand and absorb. His preparatory classes are geared towards passing JLPT. I believe it would appeal to many people who aims to do well in JLPT. Every week, we would be exposed to all sections of the JLPT which allowed us to have sufficient practice.
Furthermore, there are times where he would share information regarding the Japanese culture that could not be found in textbook, which made the class much more engaging, and offer new ways to learn things beyond the textbook.

Under Can-sensei’s mentorship, I felt more confident taking on the exams. The practice he gave me helped me a lot in tackling trickier questions in the exam. My sincerest gratitude goes out to him for having me as his student. I truly believe that anyone under his mentorship would definitely triumph over any levels of JLPT. Thanks to his mentorship, I am now also a holder of JLPT N1 certification.

Matthew Woo
Passed N1 in 6 months
after passing N2 in 2 months

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