New teaching partner: Satoru-san/NYC



Today, i would like to introduce you to my teaching partner from New York, Satoru. He is my student and has a very good heart to wanting to impart what he knows to others. It is very rare to see someone who got 85% for a N5 mock exam just after just 5 months of studying Japanese. Like me, he goes into the technicality of the language, just like a linguist.

Below is his introduction.

My name is Satoru. I am an American chemical engineer and biotechnologist with a passion for sharing my knowledge and skills with others. I have been studying Japanese under Can先生 for several months, and I have developed a thriving community-based Japanese language learning community in upstate New York, USA with his advice and support. I draw from a variety of educational resources both online and in-print to strike a balance between traditional language study and community-based education. I believe that practical language acquisition for self-studiers is better achieved by this hybrid approach, and I want to help beginners to learn how to teach themselves Japanese more efficiently by sharing my approach with them.


It is my pleasure to also share his learning Japanese blog. If you are interested in his lessons (he can teach up to N4 level), please do contact him.



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