Post JLPT: What’s next?



How was everybody’s JLPT?

Yesterday was a long day for me. Woke up at 4am and slept at 12am.

Was there in the morning to support my N4/N5 students and took the N2 together with my students in the afternoon.

Due to the regulations, i am unable to share the questions that came out, but i will share an overview.


The common grammar comes out as always. If you have read my grammar tips 2 days ago, you would have gotten yourself a good score.

Star questions are starting to become more tricky with 文の倒置 (Refer to Minna no Nihongo Chapter 17 練習A grammar 4)


We see N4 and N5 grammar twisted and tested over these few years. Surprisingly even N5 vocabulary???

Star questions were tricky as well, but my students managed to do it. Am happy for them.

I finished Paper 1 with 40 minutes left on the clock.

So i hope those taking N2 in future would take time to revise your basics before moving on to do your N2.

Please do write to me at admin @ (no spaces), to let me know your thoughts on the paper. I would be very willing to share some tips to help you pass. Your identity would be kept confidential.



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