New testimonial from student

Over the years, I had the opportunity to study Japanese in a few schools such as Japanese Cultural Society and Ikoma Langage School in Singapore and even COTO Language School in Tokyo. To those searching for a suitable school, I feel it is important for you to know your purpose of learning Japanese. Is it just an activity / past time after work and school? Is it for your career development to accomplish a third language and work in a Japanese-related organisation? Is it to find a common community and forge deep friendships with Japanese language lovers alike? Is it to learn more about Japanese culture? If your answers is yes to all of the above, I will highly recommend you to learn under Can-Sensei.
Can-Sensei is the most committed and passionate language teacher I have ever come across over the years. Despite the small setting of his school, the syllabus and learning environment that Can-Sensei provide will not pale in comparison to those big schools in the market. Can-Sensei focused strongly on building a solid foundation and as such, his class is relatively small with not more than 8 persons per session. This is a great bonus as every student obtain a good amount of attention from Sensei and he is able to correct you on the spot, especially on your pronunciation and conversational skills. With a small class, you will soon forge great friendship with your classmates and this makes learning even more enjoyable!
Another interesting aspect of learning under Can-Sensei is his unique teaching syllabus. Although he uses the same textbook as Ikoma Language School, every student has to undertake a 10 weeks Foundation Studies class, which includes a project on Japanese drama and a written test before you start proper on Basic Japanese (using the textbook). This is especially important to ensure a strong foundation in all students and true enough, students will find it easier to understand future lessons taught using the textbooks. This explains the reason for the 100% JLPT passing rate record in his school!
The project also provides students with a different perspective of learning Japanese language outside classroom setting! In fact, most of us develop an addiction to watching Japanese dramas after our project. Apart from using the textbooks, Can-Sensei also include other aspects of Japanese cultural learning in his syllabus such as tea ceremony, interview etiquette, Japanese history, Japanese social trends and Japanese drama watching; all without additional cost! I don’t think you can find this in other schools being conducted FOC.
Above all, Can-Sensei is a totally selfless Japanese language educator. He provides free learning materials and notes on his official website, which are accessible to anyone and, as I know, is always on the search path to writing study notes and simplifying Japanese language to all keen learners. This is the greatest contribution that a passionate educator can make to the learning society, which is an admirable trait!
It is with regrets that I am unable to continue my learning under Can-Sensei due to personal commitments but I felt very blessed to have met him and learn under him for a short period of time. For all of you out there searching for a great learning and coaching experience on Japanese studies, I highly recommend you to consider learning under Can-Sensei! And to Can-Sensei: Sincerely appreciate and thank you once again for your guidance. You have been a great Sensei/Coach/Educator and I extend my best wishes to you and the school



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