New Testimonial from Intermediate Class student

Received this from one of my intermediate class students
I stumbled upon Can-sensei’s website before taking my N4 examinations last year (was desperately trying to google for hints to help me pass). As I scrolled through the website and read the materials/notes he offered, I realised that Can-sensei was someone that really understood what he teaches. Thus, I decided to email him to enquire about his classes and eventually signed up as a student.

People may ask about the decision to learn Japanese from a Singaporean instead from a native Japanese teacher. After a few months of lessons with Can sensei, I humbly offer the following reasons:

1) No language barriers during classes.

2) Being a Singaporean, he has went through a similar learning journey himself. Therefore, he has the knowledge of how to use our local context to teach Japanese (E.g. 受身形 = “Kenna” form). This makes it much easier to learn and apply the lessons we learn.

I find it hard to stay awake and focused even in one hour lectures. However, I have never found myself nodding off at any of Can sensei’s lessons. Class sizes are small and lessons are usually engaging, making it easier to absorb the content taught. Students are pushed hard during lessons. For example, intermediate classes are taught entirely in Japanese. Over time, I find my listening skills improving and I am able to better understand the Japanese dramas I watch.

If I had to use a word to describe Can sensei, “selfless” would be it. He constantly sacrifice his own time and resources to ensure that students get a proper education under him. He occasionally treats his students to meals (at relatively expensive restaurants) and often absorbs the cost of the teaching materials used in his classes. Hardworking students are rewarded for their efforts in the form of gifts. Major presentations usually come with small rewards to treat students for their hard work – the cost for all of these borne by Can sensei himself.

So for all those reading the testimonials, Mai Tu liao. Good sensei, quality lessons – sign up now.

By: Lee Chen
Student from Intermediate class

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