Testimonial from a student from another school

Asked for a favour from a student to write a testimonial for me…


I got to know Can sensei through a friend. I had qualms about contacting him at first because I am a student of another school. But after receiving my N3 result, I felt I should contact him because I was unsure how to continue my studies. Even though I am not his student, he gave me a lot of valuable advice on how to improve my Japanese. He even invited me to his N2 prep class to observe his lesson.

From his lesson, I could tell Can sensei emphasises a lot on the key basics of the Japanese language. During my private interactions with him, he also stresses the importance of foundational Japanese. This is very important as foundational grammar is used frequently in conversation. Even foundational grammar is tested in higher levels like N2 and N1. He adopts a systematic way of explaining grammar and I could follow his lessons. He uses illustrations and timelines to explain grammar and this helped me to understand grammar better. He is able explain the grammar points fairly well (in Japanese, English and Mandarin). He was professional in his teaching despite feeling tired. He clearly has the ability and enthusiasm to be a Japanese teacher. Despite being a non-Japanese, he has a firm grasp of the language and is able to articulate sentences well. His intonation is also native-like.

I recommend Can sensei to those who want to learn true Japanese and have an all-rounded grasp of the Japanese language. I never regretted contacting him because he is a helpful and devoted sensei.

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