Testimonial from 2 months N2 student

Received a testimonial from my student who studied with me only for 2 months and passed N2.
I am pleased to write this testimonial for Can-sensei who prepared me for my JLPT N2 examination in Dec 2017. I am thankful for his guidance in my studies and would like to share some aspects of his mentorship in this testimonial.

I have studied Japanese for 3 years of studying Japanese, without a teacher and was able to attain at least conversational Japanese on my own. However, at some point in time I find myself stagnating in my progress. I met Can-sensei when I attended some Japanese Cultural Exchange
meet-ups on Meetup.com which he hosted. He suggested that it would be a good idea to take up JLPT as a form of testament to know where my Japanese abilities stand. So I did. However, I was naïve for me to think that I could managed on my own to progress beyond N3 and passed N2. It was under Can-sensei’s regimentation that I can proudly say that I am a holder of
JLPT N2 certification now.

I only had about two months to prepare for the examination. It was not easy to make that
huge amount of progress within that little frame of time, but under Can-sensei’s
guidance, it was actually possible to soar even higher than just passing the exam. Despite being
a Singaporean, Can-sensei has 11 years of experience in teaching Japanese. His
expertise in this field is actually prominent in his teachings. More often than not, his
explanations were easier to understand. It was clear that he has a better grasp of Japanese
grammar than a native Japanese would in their own language. In addition, He would
carefully weigh the work load with respect to his student’s abilities so that it does not get too
overwhelming. We were able to make a lot of progress as weeks goes by.

Can-sensei has been very stringent about my Japanese. This discipline lead to my
foundations in Japanese being solidified further. He would patiently explain, in the simplest
way possible, on areas where language learners like me tend to make mistakes at. That in
turn made me become a person that is able to consistently deliver and articulate proper Japanese. I think it is truly amazing that how Can-sensei is more knowledgeable and professional in teaching Japanese than an average Japanese teacher in language schools.

My sincere gratitude goes out to him for having me as his student and his commitment in his teachings. I truly believe that anyone under his mentorship and guidance would definitely triumph over any levels of JLPT. The qualification I have now is a great testament to that.

Matthew Woo
Passed N2 after taking 2 months
of lessons from Can

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