Free course: Learning Japanese Minds through Japanese

Hi all,

Thank you for your continuous support. I am holding a free meetup on learning Japanese minds through Japanese. Please visit the below website to understand more and RSVP.
Have you always been in a situation where you are always in a 空気が読めない state? Or have you always not know what the Japanese is trying to tell you?

If yes, this is a very good seminar to attend. This will be a 10 weeks short course.

NOTE: You need to be at least N3 to be able to understand the book.

In this workshop, we will be learning about Japanese people minds through this book: 日本人の心がわかる日本語

On top on reading from the book, i will share my experience that i have from my current Japanese company and past Japanese companies.

Reviews about the book:
For learners of the Japanese language this is a truly enjoyable and informative read! It should mandatory reading for all Japanese students.

The book clearly explains key elements of Japanese culture, specifically human relationships, in the context of the Japanese language. Sure you could look up a word such as 世間 in a dictionary to get a definition, but it will be devoid of all the cultural and language context that this book provides.

This book was extremely well written for students of Japanese. In order to enjoy reading this without the need to frequently refer to a dictionary (there are definitions of key words at the end of each chapter) I would guess that you need to be at a solid JLPT N3 level or above.
I will be getting a book order for those who attend the session. The book is priced at about 2200-2300 yen after shipping. I will be collecting $30 payment first for those who are attending the session. The remainder will be refunded to you after the books arrive. Once you have made the payment, the amount is not refundable.


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