Trip Report: Osaka->Tokushima->Takamatsu->Okayama->Kobe->Osaka (Day 4: Shodoshima/小豆島)



Day 4: Takamatsu/Kagawa prefecture (高松), so here goes.

Our day was early. We left hotel at about 720am (bus was 730am)

Cost us about 1400+ yen…

Takamatsu station…

Saw this post at the bread shop..

After unloading the luggage and facing a bad-tempered hotel staff, we headed for Shodoshima (小豆島)

Boat ride to and fro costs us about 2300 yen and about 35 mins.

The boat

The mascot character

Upon reaching, we realized that we could only travel around the town using an electric bicycle(2000 yen), the lady was really nice. Initially she said only got 1 electric bicycle, then later on told us got 2… so off we went around half of the island via the bicycle…

1st stop: Angel Road

Angel Road. Those who are in love should come here…

A closer look…

The road to Angel Road

Our bicycles…

Lunch was at a Italian? restaurant…


Mango smoothie

Main course

The outside view

We rode up and down the mountain, but did not manage to reach our 2nd spot and time was running out, so we had to head back to the port…

Near the port…

Dinner was Udon (famous food of Kagawa prefecture) at somewhere near the station.

Felt that there isn’t anything to see in Kagawa prefecture, so we shorten the trip to 1 day and headed to Kurashiki on Day 5.

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