Testimonial from student



Like to share another testimonial received from one of my students…

“I remember feeling puzzled when Can-sensei wanted to interview me when I first wanted to register for his class. It was only after attending his lessons that I realized the reason behind the interview was to ensure that potential students are mentally prepared for the rigour of sensei’s lessons. Some might find his teaching methods strict and make no mistake, he demands standards from his students. But at the end of the day, he just wants to pass on his love for the culture and language to those are sincere in learning from him. Don’t expect a classroom setting where the teacher delivers and the student absorbs. Every lesson is a two way exchange where participation from students is highly encouraged. You can see the dedication that sensei puts behind planning his lessons when he actively tries to engage his students through mediums such as songs, dramas, geography and even food! Class sizes are kept to a minimum so that sensei can personally monitor his student’s progress as well as to foster a close knit community. If you are looking to learn about the Japanese language and culture in a comprehensive yet fun way, I recommend you give sensei a chance!”

By Roy Goh
Student from Foundation Studies
Attended 5 weeks of lesson

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