Parting message from 1 of my students…

Received a parting msg from 1 of my students, who is unable to continue studies due to work.

“Sensei, I really admire your dedication to impart your knowledge to your students and I hope that you don’t change. You are one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I’m sure that all your students can see the passion that you have for teaching. I hope to be able to take your classes again and I hope that you will still accept me as your student one day. ” 🌻

This is why i continue to teach despite having my full time job. During my 10 yrs of teaching, i have seen students who are really grateful despite of work commitments, at least sending a thank you msg, and those that are just like a student who treats the lessons between us like a bank transaction. Like saying just “Hi-Bye” kind of thing. No matter which kind of students there are, i think as long as i did my part of work, i feel that is enough. I cannot stop what my students think of me, but at least i can change what i think of myself. Whatever extra that comes, its just a privilege, not an entitement.

-feeling 感情的


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