How did I become a Japanese teacher?

If you haven`t read part 1 of the story, you can find it here.

Part 2 starts from the point where i wasn’t born into a well to do family.
I don’t really like to share my personal information with my readers, but i feel that whoever that is reading this article may gain some insight.

My family was a DV family. I hope you can understand what I mean by that, as I won’t go into any more detail. I was really grateful to my school teachers who supported financially and emotionally. I hope that by being a Japanese teacher, i can share not just my love for Japan, the language, and my personal life experience.

I was grateful to 1 particular teacher back in my secondary school, now my god-father, who really took care of me spiritually and mentally. I would never have come this far without him. When i was doing my polytechnic studies, i started to share and counsel my juniors who experienced life difficulties (e.g. quarrels with parents, BGR problems, etc). I was also doing peer tutoring in programming and found out that I really like teaching. I have learned the essentials of planning a teaching module, like having a good lesson plan, informing the students what is the end goal at the end of the module. In my lessons, I apply bits and pieces of what I learned from my lecturers.

I was also grateful to my aunt who took care of me after my mum passed away for 13 years.

Students find that I am a very serious teacher. I make it a point to interview students before they attend lessons with me. This is to ensure that they put in the correct attitude and commitment to learn the language.

I also encounter students who are just learning for short-term interest and don`t continue on. I would feel very sad for them.

For students who have their parents pay for their fees and do not study in my lessons, I would ask them to leave.

For students who always work overtime and yet still make an effort to come for my lessons, to stay back after lessons to revise with the classmates, i really respect them from my heart.

I would like to end this part 2 with a song from Uta-Prince…

I hope to be my students’ “Nanami”, to make an good impact and to be a guide for my students.


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