Best Student Award 2015

Hi all,

It is my pleasure to announce the best student award for this year.
This year, there are 3 awards to be given out. 優先順位つけていません。

1) Aline Wong​ (Beginner 2 class)
A lady who works in a Japanese company. Never fails to submit homework, come for class even though she’s sick and never fails to ask questions. A がんばりやさん.

2) Ernest Ng​ (N1 prep class)
A firm and kind student who believes in success through patience and never fails to attend lessons unless he’s sick. Always working very hard to try to pass his N1. Was checking his attendance and found out that he only missed class once! =)

3) Joel​ Mok (Beginner 2 class)
Another がんばりやさん。Everyone in the class can vow for his hard work that he himself did and the effort he put in for the class, despite him being in the class for only about 6 months.

Please join me to congratulate the winners.
Due to the number of award holders this year, winners win themselves a one-way ticket to Japan.


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