New conversation class starting Sept 2015

Hi all,

I have a new conversation class starting in Sept 2015.

Starting date: 25th Sept 2015 (tentative)
Time: 8.30-10pm
Slots: 4
Fees: $200 for 10 sessions.

Requirements: Must have passed N4/taken at least 2 yrs of Japanese studies.

If you are interested to find out more, please feel free to contact us to arrange for a interview.

Below is 1 testimonial who have taken this all-popular conversation course.


I have been studying Japanese Language for about three years, but just joined Can sensei’s conversation class this year. I enjoy going for lesson every week as sensei’s class is never boring.

Besides learning from notes, we get to learn through dramas, songs and games in class. Through sensei I get to know/ understand alot of things that I think I will never get to learn in Japanese school.

As class size is small, sensei is able to focus on each and every student, and will personally guide the weaker student to ensure that they are not leave behind. Not only that, sensei is very patient with student and is always there to help students to correct their mistakes made even after lesson. He will also give advices / suggestions on ways to improve the student’s Japanese. Learning under Can sensei is not as stressful as learning in Japanese school and I feel that I am able to absorb more and better.

Before making my mind to join sensei’s class, I actually did hesitated and doubted his ability in teaching Japanese as sensei is a Singaporean after all. When I attended his first lesson, I am shocked and impressed by his fluent Japanese and the knowledge he have related to Japan. I feel that it is hard for a foreigner to teach Japanese (as language is not by memorizing standard answers), but I am convinced that Can sensei is able to teach well as he never fail to answer all my questions asked during lesson. He is also a humble teacher as he will ask the student to review the lesson and will try his best to improve the lesson and make every lesson interesting.

By: Angela Ong
Studied 1.5 years under Can

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