New testimonial

Received a new testimonial from a student. =)

After spending a good 4 months with Can-sensei, I believe his passion for the language and the use of various medium to teach the language is the main reason why his past and present students are full of praises for him.

While I have not been enrolled in any language centers, I believe that they follow a fixed lesson plan, which can be pretty restrictive and boring. In contrast, Can-sensei’s lessons are very interactive, in which he does not rely solely on the textbooks, but also songs, anime and even personal experiences to enhance the teaching and keep our interest in the language going. In between, he will also share insights and some trivia about Japan that might leave you in awe.

Having been and still am a student of the language himself, he clearly understands what are the pitfalls that beginners like me, may encounter and takes great effort to ensure that we are well versed with each segment of the lessons before moving on.

Apart from teaching, he also takes great interest in his students and tries to build a personal connection with every single one of us.  I feel that this is what differentiates a great teacher from a good one.

By: Kelvin Lim
Student from Beginner class

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