New course: Japanese for Children & Parents

Hi parents,

Looking for some enrichment courses for your children in the coming Jun holidays?

We’ll be having our 1st course for Japanese for Children & Parents.

Course starting date: 1st week of Jun
Days: Mon-Fri
Time: 10-12pm (subject to changes upon all participants’ confirmation)
Preferred Age Group: 9yrs old and above.
Fees: $400 for 20 sessions (if both parent and child takes up the course together, less $50 per person. I.e if both parent and child take up the course, total course fee will be $700/2 pax. If only parent/child take up the course, total course fee will be $400/1 pax)
Textbook: $12
Slots: 6

Introduction to Hiragana
Japanese Accent & Intonation
Basic Japanese Culture
Introduction to Time/Days of the week
Introduction to Adjectives
Introduction to Verbs
Potential Form (How to describe ability to do something)
Common Japanese phrases
Understanding Basic Japanese Animation
and more.

Students will be able to gain a headset and move onto a normal Beginner Japanese class.

There is an early bird discount for those who register and make the payment of $100 deposit.
What are you waiting for? Contact us for more details.


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