Beginner Japanese : Lesson 6

We started off today’s lesson by listening to the song Take Me Higher by V6

This song is actually the theme song for Ultraman, and sounded familiar to me once Sensei started playing to opening part of the song. 🙂

In today’s lesson,  we continue to learn more action words like 食べます(eat)、すいます(to smoke/suck in something),聞きます(hear/listen)、書きます(read), and also the vocabulary for basic items like パン(bread), (たまご)eggs and にく(meat).

We are also revised on the construction of sentences using particles like で andへ, which represents the particles “at/by what means” and “to” respectively.

As we progresses further on in the course, we are required to construct more diverse sentences which include more verbs and particles, and also incorporate s past, present, past negative and present negative tenses into those sentences.

For Example: If I want to ask : “Shall we go to Kobe together?” I will use the particle へ to construct the sentence :  いっしょに  こうべ へ いきませんか。

And if we are to ask: “Where did you purchase your bag/briefcase from ?”

It would be: ”どこで その かばんを 買いましたか。”



We also learnt how to use ”それから” which means “after that”, to join two things/actions together.

For example: ” Tomorrow, I will eat lunch first and after that, I will study Japanese.” 

It will be constructed as: “明日 ひるごはんを たべます。それから にほんごを べんきゅうします。










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