Tetsu: My Journey into Japanese Foundation Studies (Lesson 3)

Lesson 3 of Japanese Foundation Studies :

Today, Can sensei introduced us the the basic sentence patterns in Japanese.  This is an intricate part in the foundation of the Japanese language, as the understanding of sentence patterns allows us to be able to form proper Japanese sentences. Different words when used in sentencing are read differently as well. For example : は(ha), when used in sentencing is pronounced as “wa”, which in english represents “is”.

Also, we practiced on sentencing not just by understanding how to read  basic sentences, but also practising on it by creating our own sentences in small groups of 3, and afterwards presenting it to the class, and attempting to answer other classmates questions using proper sentencing as well. As the saying goes “Practice makes perfect”.

In conclusion, Can sensei  showed us another episode of a Japanese drama “Legal High 2”, in which, along with getting a few laughs and giggles, allows us to observe how proper sentences are being expressed by the actors on the show.

Today’s class got me even more immersed into the language, as for the first time, I was able to craft a proper sentence, with the guidance of Can sensei and the other classmates. It is a step in the right direction, and makes me even more determined to excel in my Japanese 🙂

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