Tetsu: My Journey into Japanese Foundation Studies (Lesson 2)

Foundation Studies Lesson 2 Recap :

For the 2nd Lesson in Japanese Foundation Studies, we started off listening and given the lyrics to AKB48’s Koi Suru Fortune Cookie. (Youtube Video embedded below:>)

By listening and studying what are the various meanings of the words in the lyrics of the songs, we are able to learn to pronounce the words in the correct pitch by singing the song out loud.

Later on, Can brought in his former student Ken, who has achieved his N1 close to 2 years ago, to share his experiences and his journey in learning Japanese. Ken encouraged us that the journey in the Japanese Language may be tough and met with roadblocks and obstacles, but with perseverance and constant practice,both in terms of written and conversational, it is achievable. His speech really motivated me :>

We also touched on the High and Low pitches in pronouncing Japanese words. Different pitch pronunciation of certain words may result in a total different meaning of the word itself, and correct pronunciation is an essence in a Language, as reiterated by Sensei . And finally, we were given homework to further practice on more Hiragana Characters, adding the the few that we have been identifying and practising on in the first Foundation Class.


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