Tetsu: My Journey into Japanese Foundation Studies

Hi Everyone

My name is Tetsu. I currently just started my Japanese Foundation Studies, and is also the administrator to Can

My interest for the Japanese came since a young age, when I started watching Japanese Anime like SlamDunk, Yu Yu Hakusho and 小叮噹. These Anime exposed me to the creativity and humor of the Japanese people. Another venue which garnered my interest was through the TV Series “Japan Hour”, in which it showcased the Japanese’s traditional culture, which is still well protected till this day, unlike many other countries.

I am glad to have met Can, and given the opportunity to pickup the Japanese Language. His teaching method is very informative and interactive, which keeps the class vibrant.

During the first Japanese Foundation Class, Can, introduced us to some commonly used  Japanese Greetings like “How are you”, “Good Morning” and “Thank you”, the correct way to say them (formal/informal), as well as the high and low pitches associated with each greeting. Later on in the class, he introduced us to some Hiragana characters, and taught us how these characters are written, and how certain characters can be matched together to produce a certain meaning. To cap the session off, Can showed us a Humourous Japanese TV Series called “Legal High 2”, in which we tried to understand what is being said in Japanese with the assistance of Subtitles, and having a good laugh at the same time  :>

Although it will not be easy, but I believe with good guidance from Can, as well as perseverance, I will be able to improve and excel in my Japanese in time to come.


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