Left 1 slot for Beginner Classes/ Reporting live from JP



I am currently in Japan with 2 of my students on a study trip. Budget: $2.5k SGD for the whole trip. (^_^)

Places visited: Tokyo, Osaka, Himeji, Kyoto.

Places going to visit: Asahikawa (tomorrow) , Sapporo, Otaru. =)

Tickets: $800 ($400 + $400 (Tokyo->Osaka, Osaka->Hokkaido, Hokkaido->Tokyo)\

Hotels: $400 (9 nights)

Anywhere, here’s a picture of a toy that i won at UFO Catcher tonight. =)

Japan is quite cold now, bout 20 degrees…



Anyway, a good news, i am only left with 1 last slot for my Beginner classes.

If time really permits, i hope to teach 1 more class, but currently my time slots really looks very very packed.


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