Best Student Award 2013: Ling-san



This year, the best student award goes to Ling-san, one of my students from Pre-Advanced class.

Ling-san started off learning Japanese at one of the Japanese language schools, after learning for about 3 years, she was still unable to speak at all (she could only say very basic phrases). She joined my Conversation class last year with one of my other students, after 40 lessons, she was able to speak to a certain level (about N4 level), she’s always trying her best to study hard. Every day after work, she goes back home to study Japanese.

She always comes to class with homework done and prepared for next lesson. In our modern day Singapore, do we ever have time for ourselves? That’s why i really respect her a lot. She dedicates her time to improve her Japanese.

I remember i asked her this question before: “Lingさん、why did you choose to continue studying Pre-Advanced class with me since you already learned the grammar?” She replied something like, “because i was unable to speak before i joined your class. Now i am able to speak and you helped me gain the confidence. I want to be able to speak better and i believe that you will help me attain my goals”

Till now, she’s one of the most diligent student that i have ever since and i am proud to present her with the Best student award 2013, with a free ticket to Japan. =)

おめでとうございます! Lingさん!


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