New Conversation Test (JSST)




現在J と僕のクラスに入っている生徒は日本人に行われるテストだけでなく、JSSTという会話テストも受けられます。受験料は先生が負担します。

Dear all,

Good morning.

This is an announcement.

For those students who are taking class under me and J, they will be able to take JSST, in additional to the normal conversation test conducted by Japanese natives. We will be paying for the students.

If you take this test, you will be able to find out your own speaking level————————————-

Some questions that they will ask in JSST:

1) Describe one of your colleagues at work

2) Compare the good and bad points of using credit card

3) The account manager of a customer has been changed to you. Using Keigo, please call the customer and introduce yourself.

4) Have you been to Japan? If no, which part of Japan would you like to go and why.


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