Grammar, N5






「が」 is used in a situation when the predicate describes only 1 subject.

「は」 is used to make the word preceding particle 「は」 to be the topic of the sentence. Below are some example sentences how 「は」 and 「が」 can be used.

1. As a subject in a positive sentence describing existence.






2. Sentences with both 「は」and 「が」


東京バナナすきです。      I like Tokyo Banana.

あなたぶどう嫌いですか。                  Do you dislike grapes?

ミラーさん日本語わかります。              Mr Miller understands Japanese

恵子さん料理上手です。          Keiko-san is good at cooking.


今日天気いいです。            Today’s weather is good.

てんや天ぷらおいしいです。        Tenya’s tempura is delicious.

Michael Jordanたかいです。       Michael Jordan is tall.

日本きれいです。                        Japan’s mountains are beautiful

3. When the subject is an interrogative or an indefinite pronoun.

だれきますか。                                             Who is coming?

。。。サントスさんきます。                               Mr Santos is coming.


どちらいいですか。                                       Which is good?

。。。こちらいいです。                                    This is good.


だれかいます。                                             There’s someone.


4. When subject is limited to one thing, has a nuance of only, nothing, but or none but etc.

その答え正しいです。                           That is a correct answer. (only 1 correct answer)


5. The subject of an subordinate clause

田中さん行けば、私もいきます。             If Tanaka-san is going, i am going too.

漢字で書けば、わかりますか。             If i write in Kanji, will you understand it?


6. When subject of the sentence is strongly emphasized in a certain situation (In English, words like Look! Listen! Watch out!, etc)

ほら!木村さん泣いています。                         Look. Kimura-san is crying.

あゆみちゃん歌っています。                            Ayumi-chan is singing.

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